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  • $799. (Excludes major bumper repair only)
  • FULL DETAIL ON THE CAR. (Obviously)
  • Paint Touch Up & Scratch Removal.
  • Paintless Dent Removal.
  • Minor Interior Repairs and Dyeing. (If needed)
  • Headlight restoration. (If needed)
  • Extremely well presented photographs. (THE RIGHT PICTURES SELL CARS! Houses too, but we don’t do that).
  • Complete written ad and advice on pricing. (Some basic info from you is all we need)
  • Immediate launch of Free Craigslist Ad with photos, which is often times all that is needed to sell your vehicle.
  • You then just answer calls, show your beautiful car to prospective buyers, sell it quickly.


Tucson Bumper Repair – If you have minor bumper damage you can save lots of money by getting it repaired instead of replacing the whole thing.

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Most Tucson auto body shops will have you replace your entire bumper. This is often unnecessary and can cost you hundreds of dollars. Even if your insurance is paying the bill, it is in your best interest to save as much money as possible. Total Reconditioning Auto Care can make your bumper looking like new for less cost than most insurance deductibles.

In Tucson, bumper damage is tucson bumper repair after Tucson Bumper Repair | Bumper Paint Repair Tucson | (520) 261 3227 a common occurrence. We can remove those ugly blemishes by using a specialized technique where we fix only the affected area rather than the entire bumper. Using expert Paint touch-up processes, the actual repair region is kept as small as possible to decrease costs. With our procedure, your damaged region is eliminated through diligently “hand-tooling” the bumper back to its original condition. The bumper will look like new and the dings will be gone forever.

Tucson bumper repair might include re-painting over a scratch or filling in a rip. The actual plastic materials can be completely repaired for minimal costs. Repairing bumpers is among the most needed auto body repairs in Tucson. Nevertheless it is also one of the most important repairs if your bumper is to function correctly. Bumper repair is a very specialized skill because of the flexible polymer substrates that are used in today’s bumpers . We use the latest materials and techniques including polyester fill and adhesion promotion to guarantee long lasting repairs .

Total Reconditioning Auto Care will come to you at your home or office. Our experienced vehicle repair specialist will restore your bumper to factory condition by eliminating minor scratches, dings and scrapes.

Call Total Reconditioning Auto Care today for a free estimate. Be sure to print out our coupon to save even more money.


Tucson Headlight Restoration Replacing your headlights can be very costly.  Depending on your automobile, brand new car headlights as well as labor might cost from $500 to over $1,800.  Headlight restoration is a much smarted investment than a replacement.

Free Tucson Auto Repair Quote Tucson Headlight Restoration | Headlight Repair | (520) 261 3227

It’s important to know that not all headlight restoration is the same.  Many shops may leave your headlights looking great, but they will start to become faded again in as little as 6 months.  At Total Reconditioning Auto Care, we use the highest quality materials and restoration system to leave your headlights looking new for years.  In fact we offer a 5 year guarantee!

Our staff will give foggy, yellow Tucson Headlight Restoration Tucson Headlight Restoration | Headlight Repair | (520) 261 3227headlights an amazing crystal clear appearance. Until recently, replacing the lenses was the only choice available for automobile owners. Now you also have the option of headlight restoration.

Your headlights don’t stand a chance in the Tucson sun.   Headlight Restoration improves the value of your automobile.  Even if you take good care of your vehicle, mucky and yellow-colored car headlights can distort the beauty of your car

When your headlights become faded and hazy this will prevent much of the light from reaching the street.  Tucson headlights are often not only ugly, they are unsafe as well. Poor visibility is the leading cause of nighttime accidents.

Most automobiles are made with plastic lenses.  After only a few years in the Arizona sun they can become clouded and hazy.

We are a mobile service and we will come to you at your home of job.  We will restore your headlights to a like-new appearance at your convenience.  Our team has been factory trained and have years of experience in the fine art of headlight restoration in Tucson.  Regardless of the current state of your headlights – if they don’t look and stay looking crystal clear – you don’t pay.