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Car Detailing

16 Car Detailing At Total Reconditioning Auto Care we understand what makes a quality auto detailing service.  The level of workmanship and excellence that we provide requires years of experience, and we have a dedicated, experienced staff to do the job.

We know we are not the cheapest auto detailers in Tucson, but we believe the service we provide is a great value, and our clients are never disappointed.

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your car, or just want it to look like new, choose the service that’s right for you, and you will be thrilled with the look and feel of your vehicle.



  1. Two Door Hatch Back  Small Car –  Interior, Exterior                              $ 220.00
  2. Small SUV mid size car – Interior, Exterior                                                245.00
  3. SUV (Explorer) single cab truck – Interior, Exterior                                  255.00
  4. Large SUV 4 door P/U – Interior, Exterior                                                285.00



  1. Small SUV mid size car – Interior, Exterior                                             $  285.00
  2. SUV (Explorer) single cab truck – Interior, Exterior                                   325.00
  3. Large SUV 4 door P/U – Interior, Exterior                                                 355.00
  4. Two Door Hatch Back Small Car – Interior, Exterior                                  265.00



INTERIOR – Clean carpet seats, windows, headlight, vents, center console

EXTERIOR – Car buff wax, Engine clean and dress, wheels and tires, windows


PREP TO SELL (Includes everything in the detail package plus the services below)

INTERIOR – Minor cigarette burns, smoke odor removal, carpet ad seats

EXTERIOR – Claybar cut and wax, headlight restoration, minor scratches