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Scratch Repair

Why Choose Tucson Scratch Repair?

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Car paint scratches are not just unsightly, but will lower the resell value of your car. We step away from our vehicles for just a few minutes and when we come back we notice a door ding and a nick in the paint to go with it. We know how frustrating the situation can be, but here at Total Reconditioning and Auto Care, staff is on hand to take care of your needs and get you back on the road.Neglecting to execute scratch removal or paintwork might also lead to serious and on the rise, rust challenges – this means you could avoidably incur added,but avoidable, costs in the future.  At Total Reconditioning Car Care, we offers numerous clean up services for the car, such as paint recovery, scratch repair and also car paint protection. Unless the actual repairs are major why pay such a high cost? Minor scratch repair is often an easy fix, and can be done at Total Reconditioning Auto Care a lot sooner and for much less cost. Tucson scratch repair involves sanding and also polishing the affected area to regenerate your vehicle’s exterior finish.

Tucson Scratch Repair Scratch Repair

How Tucson Scratch Repair Can Help?

Tucson Scratch Repair offers a mobile body shop service to repair your minor vehicle damages like scratches, dents and dings right at your home or office.We have the modern technology along with equipment to repair your vehicle however small or large this repair. Our trained professional technician will restore your vehicle  in the most affordable manner without the need of compromising for quality. Whether it’s small Dents or minor scratches, Tucson Scratch Repair  have the right tools for the job. We are forever keeping up with the world’s current trends to stay on top to give your car the quality service and repairs our clients expect. Our premium repair and restoration services are the best in the auto repair industry and our unique refinishing systems allow us to work for many types of clients. Our commitment to excellence, displays itself in every job we complete.

If your damage consists of dents,increases ranging in diameter from dime-sized to basketball-sized; and / or dents in plastic bumpers that have no holes, tears or paint damage and are still fully affixed to the vehicle, we can use the Paint less Dent Removal process.  This is the art of removing minor dings, dents, and creases from a vehicle, while maintaining the integrity of the factory or custom paint finish, in a fraction of the time and at approximately one-third of the cost of traditional body repair shops.

Tucson Scratch Repair & Dent Removal Experts

At Tucson Scratch Repair, we use only the finest products in our repair of automobiles. We offer perfect color, pattern, and texture matches. All our work is fully guaranteed.We remove light/medium scratches, oxidation, stains and paint imperfections resulting in a brilliant, durable, ‘wet look’ finish. Restores natural sheen to painted surfaces, engine compartment, tires, glass and rubber/vinyl parts. Our technicians can repair areas on every vehicle panel and in any weather condition. Most repairs are completed the same day eliminating “loss-of-use” time. We are confident that the work carried out is of the highest standard. We aim for all our repairs to be unnoticeable to anyone that was oblivious of the original damage.

We are faster and cheaper than most body shops, in addition to we’ll never hang on on your car for weeks while we create issues that should be fixed. We have years of experience, and each of our ability to deal with jobs of all types is what allowed us to take our business on the road work from any remote location. Our certified professional technicians can handle different size of scratches and match color expertly, presenting your car the finished, expert look you desire without having to invest hours sitting in the shop. We know you’ll really like the difference.We come to you, doing the work quickly and honestly  for cheaper than the most majority of body shops.